Joshua is back for more wins at the Red Bull Ring

We are back at it! Packing bags and rolling out to the beautiful styrian mountains, where the Red Bull Ring will host round 5 of the german ADAC F4 championship.

Joshua Duerksen will compete here for the second time this year, after an impressive performance in the third round of the italian F4 championship, where he took a double podium: a 2nd place in race 1 and victory in race 3, starting from Pole.

The track is one of the shortest to feature in the F1 calendar, but nevertheless, it offers great challenges to all drivers. Starting with turn 1, the “Niki Lauda Kurve” as it was baptized in 2016. After a steep hillclimb, the drivers face an almost 90° corner, where ever so often, 1 or more drivers get caught up in an incident have to retire from the race.

Following turn 1, a nice straight with some little twists and a very nice view of the mountain chains, turn 2 arrives almost out of nowhere, and demands the driver be very precise when picking the breaking point, to be able to turn the car almost in the opposite direction, before heading to turn 3.

The most difficult corner of the track. Going full speed and downhill, it’s hard to pick a prober breaking spot, and even more so, the racing line. There are very few lines to follow throughout this very technical corner, wich changes the apex right in the middle.

Now, for the most technical part of the circuit, a 3-turn-combo of turns 4, 5 and 6. Medium-speed corners which push the driver to the very edge of his cockpit, trying not to loose speed or miss the apex. One little mistake in turn 4 can compromise the following 2 corners and cost a lot of lap time.

After sorting out that part, the last sector will demand what’s left of the tyre life. Another medium-speed corner like turn 7, the “Rind-Kurve”, sees the drivers go through around 125 mp/h (200 Km/h) just before braking for turn 8, and slowly entering the main straight, just to do it all again.

Red Bull Ring Österreich

Red Bull Ring

¿What can we expect?

After a bittersweet performance last round at the Nürburgring, Joshua currently sits 5th in the drivers championship, with 110 points to his name. This will be round 5 of 7 in the ADAC F4 championship.

The Weather promises to add excitement to the weekend, with temperatures below 10°C and over 60% of rain possibilities. This could prove to be a real test for all the drivers and teams.

Race program Round 4 ADAC Formula 4 2020

  • SATURDAY 17/10

    • Race 1- 6:40 AM (Paraguay) / 11:40 (Germany)

  • SUNDAY 18/10

    • Race 2- 4:50 AM / 9:50

    • Race 3- 11:05 AM / 16:05

The races will be streamed LIVE on this website.

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